List of public deliverables, papers, documents, and datasets
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Vision and scenarios
This document gives a view of our long-term vision and how the results of the different work packages come together in concrete scenarios.
Link: ROMI-Vision_and_Scenarios-1.pdf
WP1 - Management
D1.1 - IPR Strategic Plan Reporting period 1
ROMI’s IPR strategy is based on an open-software/open-hardware model. In this document we give a more in-depth description of this approach. We present a bibliographic study and look at some of the related business models.
Link: ROMI-D1.1-IPR_Strategic_Plan.pdf
Additional documents: Annexes
D1.2 - The Romi Rover - Project Management Reporting period 2
This document covers the status of the Romi Rover, including the usage scenario, the development progress, the specifications, the user studies, market studies, and a draft user manual.
Link: ROMI-D1.2-Management-document_-_The-Rover.pdf
WP2 - Robot for weeding and detailed crop monitoring
D2.1 - First LettuceThink prototype Reporting period 1
This demonstrator shows the first prototype of LettuceThink in action. The accompanying documents provides the technical details.
Video: ROMI-D2.1-First_LettuceThink_Prototype.mp4
Description: ROMI-D2.1-First_LettuceThink_Prototype.pdf
Additional material: Design files - Photos - Videos - Visuals
WP3 - Drone for aerial crop monitoring
D3.1 - First NERO prototype Reporting period 1
This demonstrator shows the first prototype of air-borne device. The accompanying documents shed light on the design decisions and the technical details of the current solution.
Video: ROMI-D3.1-First_NERO_Prototype.mp4
Description: ROMI-D3.1-First_NERO_Prototype.pdf
Additional material: Design files - Photos - Videos - Visuals
WP4 - Adaptive learning for the coordinated control of sensors and actuators
The goal of the work in WP4 system is to improve the 3D reconstruction of the plants by generating robot movements that optimise the information obtained by the camera sensors.
D4.1 - Report on the experimental set-up of the adaptive learning system Reporting period 1
During the first reporting period, we have developed and tested a first prototype of the system and describe the set-up, its software and its hardware components.
Link: ROMI-D4.1-Report_Experimental_Set-up_Adaptive_Learning.pdf
Datasets: D5.1/SegmentationDataset/
D4.2 Intermediate report on the theoretical advances and the experimental results of the adaptive learning system Reporting period 2
WP5 - Advanced sensing and analysis of crops
D5.1 - Demonstration of a 3d image segmentation application for weeding Reporting period 1
This deliverable cover the progress on the machine vision and machine learning algorithms, both of which are used in the automatic weeding application of the LettuceThink robot described in D2.1 above.
Link: ROMI-D5.1-Demonstration_3D_Image_Segmentation_Weeding.pdf
D5.3 - Demonstration of indoor and outdoor, 3d reconstruction of plants
This document describes the hardware set-up for the 3D plant scanning, the algorithms that we used, and their evaluation.
Link: ROMI-D5.3-Demonstration_3D_Reconstruction_Plants.pdf
Additional material 1: Demo 3D plant reconstructions
Additional material 2: Demo 3D scans and database structure
WP6 - Plant modelling
The ROMI project develops a toolbox for plant scanning and analysis that combines different approaches. In WP6 we develop an approach that is heavily based on plant models. These models are used as a support for the data analysis and plant segmentation but also as a source for synthetic images used to train neural networks.
D6.1 - Simplified model of Arabidopsis thaliana Reporting period 1
During the first reporting period, we developed a model of the Arabidopsis thaliana, which is also used in WP5 to evaluate the scanning algorithms.
Link: ROMI-D6.1-Simplified_Model_Arabidopsis.pdf
Video: ROMI-D6.1-Simplified_Model_Arabidopsis.avi
D6.2 - Model of crop species #1 Reporting period 2
During the second reporting period, we developed a first model of a crop species, notably the tomato plant. An improved version of the A. thaliana model, with improved rendering, is also discussed.
Link: ROMI-D6.2-Model-of-crop-species-1.pdf
D6.3 - Results of trained models Reporting period 2
This document the results we obtained by using the model of A.thaliana developed above to train neural networks to segment images of real A. thaliana plants.
Link: ROMI-D6.3-Results-of-trained-models.pdf
WP7 - Data acquisition and real-world application testing
D7.1 - Description of the experimental set-up of the outdoor field studies Reporting period 1
ROMI conducts field studies in two outdoor locations: at Chatelain Maraîchage, nord of Paris, and at Valldaura, in the hills above Barcelona. In D7.1 you will find an overview of both locations and the work that has been done to prepare for the field studies.
Link: ROMI-D7.1-Description_Experimental_Set-up_Outdoor_Field_Studies.pdf
Additional documents: Annexes
D7.2 - Intermediate report on the field studies I Reporting period 1
This document is the continuation of D7.1. It presents the results of the field studies that have been performed during the first season of the project.
Link: ROMI-D7.2-Intermediate_Report_Field_Studies-1.pdf
Additional documents: Annexes
Example scans: Session 1 RGB - NDVI - NIR, Session 2 RGB - NDVI - NIR
WP8 - Dissemination and exploitation
D8.1 - Data Management Plan Reporting period 1
A detailed overview of how we plan to make our data available (design files, source code, data sets, …).
Link: ROMI-D8.1-Data_Management_Plan.pdf
D8.2 - Intermediate dissemination report I Reporting period 1
We have had many opportunities to present ROMI both toward the general public as to a professional audience. The details can be found in this deliverable. In addition, we (SONY, FEI, IAAC under the coordination of FEI) worked on several studies (not planned in the original grant agreement) with the goal to better understand the markets of planned ROMI results (European vegetable microfarms) and our competitors (technologies, companies)
Link: ROMI-D8.2-Intermediate_Dissemination_Report_I.pdf
Additional documents: Communication:
- Brand Book + Design Assets
- Brand Guidelines
- Flyer 1 - Rover // Flyer 2 - Drone
- Strategic Presentation
- Public Presentation
Additional documents: Market study and exploitation:
- Market study
- Technology watch (1)
- Technology watch (2)
- Legislation on robots and drones
- Table on legislation on drones in the EU
D9.1 - POPD - Requirement No. 1 Reporting period 1
The document on the Protection of Personal Data, part of the Ethics Requirements.
Link: ROMI-D9.1-Ethics_Document.pdf
Segmentation dataset
The segmentation dataset for radishes. See als deliverable D5.1.
Link: D5.1/SegmentationDataset/
Point clouds of Can Valldaura
Example scans: Session 1 RGB - NDVI - NIR, Session 2 RGB - NDVI - NIR
3D plant scans
3D plant scans